STP Update, June 2017


Recruitment for STP Executive Chair

Recruitment is underway for a two-three days per week Executive Chair for the STP. NHS England has called for STPs to appoint leaders through a formal process with the roles dedicated for at least two days per week.

Current chair Michael Wilson CBE has indicated that he wishes to focus on his trust, Surrey and Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust, and on working with partners to develop new models of care for the patients and communities it serves.

An appointment is expected in August. The job advert can be viewed at:

Framework for place based local care plans

Work continues to establish the framework for the development of the place based plans in the Coastal Care and north and south areas of the Central Sussex and East Surrey Alliance. A joint session was held last week to review progress to date and examine the kinds of interventions that could have greatest impact, based on analysis of the population and current services.

Further work is planned on the enablers that will be required, such as digital, workforce and estates, to support the provision of greater community-based integrated care.

This work on the high-level framework is due for completion in late July for places to build upon as they develop their plans with local stakeholders.

Mental health strategy development

A strategic framework for mental health services over the next five years is being developed. The work brings together providers, commissioners, local authorities, the voluntary and community sector and service users and builds on the extensive clinical strategy engagement already undertaken by Sussex Partnership, Surrey and Borders and commissioners.

The 17-week programme will help determine how the local health system delivers against the objectives of the five year forward view for mental health, including seven day access, integration of physical and mental health, early intervention and prevention. The programme is also exploring what is best done at a local level and at an STP level.

Balanced financial plan

STP partners have put together ambitious financial plans for 2017-18. However, collectively, the plans would overspend by £55m against the ‘control total’ that has been set by NHS England and NHS Improvement. The regulators have requested a balanced plan for 2017-18 – through the ‘capped expenditure process’ – to provide services within the funding available.

All partner organisations are currently working jointly to develop this plan. The process requires all organisations to look at how they compare with national benchmarks for clinical efficiency, management costs and increasing the care provided to patients out of hospital.

Clinically effective commissioning

All eight CCGs are working jointly to review and standardise clinical thresholds and policies. Initial work has identified significant variation between CCGs in thresholds and criteria for many treatments, with an absence of any policies in some cases. This clinically-led process will align policies with NICE guidance and the latest evidence on clinical effectiveness, to ensure that only cost effective and clinically appropriate interventions are commissioned.

Clinical board priorities

Following an away day in early June, the clinical board has agreed a number of priority areas to work on together. These include focusing on

  • Reducing unwarranted variation – the Rightcare and Get it Right First Time programmes.
  • Improving communication between primary and secondary care – a request is being made to the South East Clinical Senate on how to enhance communication between professionals.
  • Clinically effective commissioning – providing clinical oversight for the programme.
  • Specialised services – reviewing the opportunities to ensure sustainability, reduce demand and enable care closer to home.
  • Supporting the local maternity system transformation plan.


HOSC chairs briefing

The chairs of the four HOSCs received an update on the STP from Wendy Carberry, STP lead accountable officer, and Dena Marshall, STP programme director.

The briefing included the findings of the first stage of the acute services review, which found that there are not enough acute hospital beds across the STP to meet future needs if current patterns of demand for acute hospital services do not change. Local care strategies are required in each of the four places to reduce the pressure on hospital capacity.

A plan for on-going engagement with the HOSCs is being developed around the place based plans.

Digital workstream lead joins STP

Mark Watson took up post as the STP digital workstream lead at the start of the month. He joins from Brighton & Hove City Council where he was chief technology officer.