Sussex and East Surrey STP progress dashboard


NHS England has today published a dashboard giving an initial baseline assessment of STP areas.

The outcomes range from ‘Needs Most Improvement’, through ‘Making Progress’ and ’Advanced’ to ‘Outstanding’. Sussex and East Surrey STP has been rated as ’Needs Most Improvement’.

NHS England have stated that these ratings are not a comment on the performance of STPs to date. Rather, they indicate the relative starting points on the road to better care. Sussex and East Surrey is one of the more complex STP areas, with 24 organisations involved in the partnership, including three county councils and Brighton and Hove City Council.

Recognising the challenges that the STP faces, a review and refresh of the partnership was carried out in April. Since then, rapid progress has been made under the leadership of STP chair Michael Wilson. The key development has been securing the necessary governance arrangements and processes to enable the development and delivery of better health, improved and integrated care, and sustainable services.

A memorandum of understanding between partners has now been agreed and the clinical board is providing clinical leadership to the partnership. Crucially, people are now being aligned with key roles to enable the partnership to develop joined-up plans in priority areas and to engage local communities in this work. The main focus is on the ‘place based plans’ which will be developed locally to deliver community-based, personalised, integrated health and social care.

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