Clinical board statement on flu vaccination


The Sussex and East Surrey STP Clinical Board, which includes the most senior doctors from across the NHS and local government, has issued the following statement urging health and care staff and the public to be vaccinated against flu this winter:

“Influenza is an unpredictable virus that can cause serious illness and death. Having the vaccine is the best thing any of us can do to protect ourselves and those we care for.

“Evidence also suggests that many people can be infectious without feeling significantly unwell, with important implications for health and care professionals. Being vaccinated is an important step in ensuring we do not unwittingly expose our patients and service users to harm.

“As the Clinical Board for the partnership of organisations across Sussex and East Surrey, we are committed to leading by example. Each of us is committed to working within our own organisations to encourage our colleagues and vulnerable groups to be vaccinated and to challenge persistent misperceptions that continue to deter people from protecting themselves.

“While we cannot be sure when, where or what strains of flu will strike this winter, we do know that having the vaccine is the most important thing we can do to guard against it.”