Senior nurses working together to improve training and skills across STP

Senior nurses are working together to help ensure there is more consistency and quality to training and skills across the STP. They are focusing on two areas – mandatory and statutory training; and clinical skills for unregistered workforce.

  • Mandatory and statutory training: All health organisations and local hospices have signed up to the national ‘core skills training framework’ to ensure consistency of training standards. This will drive out variability and allow organisations to accept training records from other organisations to prevent duplication of training.
  • Clinical Skills for unregistered workforce: Work is taking place to increase confidence and competency of the unregistered workforce and to ensure all unregistered clinical staff working to the same level are enabled to move across organisations without the need to do additional training. Core clinical competencies have been agreed for the non-registered workforce and a booklet has been developed that will act as a ‘passport’ for staff to work across organisations knowing the training and competency is at a consistent level.