Your chance to influence the future of our local NHS

Your chance to influence the future of our local NHS

Do you want to influence the future of our local NHS? Have you got ideas of how we can make health and care more affordable? How can we prioritise what we need to focus on most to make health and care better for everyone?

Local people and clinical staff are being asked to help answer these questions and more in a series of engagement events across Sussex and East Surrey.

Following the national publication of the NHS Long-term Plan ( local organisations have been asked to work together as part of health and care systems to develop their own plans which will set out how the national plan will work across local areas.

To help develop this local plan, doctors, specialists and clinicians have come together across Sussex and East Surrey to give a Population Health Check. They have looked at clinical evidence, patient experience and local knowledge and given a diagnosis of what needs to change from their expert point of view.

The local NHS now wants to seek the views, experience and ideas of patients, public, staff, volunteers and carers, so the local plans are developed in a way that best reflects the needs of our population.

Dr Minesh Patel, local GP and Chair of the Sussex and East Surrey Clinical and Professional Cabinet which developed the Population Health Check, said: “The health and care needs of our populations are constantly changing and the way we all live our lives is constantly changing. So it is essential that local health and care services also constantly change to give our people the care they need in a way that best suits their busy lives. There is also a need to change how we use the resources we have available for health and care services. We have limited money, staff and buildings and we have to improve how we use what we have.

“We want the local plans to be co-produced as much as possible with as many different people, groups and communities as possible to make sure they truly reflect the needs of our population.”

During 2019, the local NHS will be going out to speak and listen to people, patients and staff across the local area and across organisations, and will be encouraging many others to give their feedback. This will be supported by Healthwatch in Sussex and Surrey, who are working with the NHS to provide public engagement opportunities on the future of health and care services. The engagement will build on conversations and feedback that has already taken place and will help identify the priority areas that need to be the focus of the local plans.

We will be discussing six key areas of the FUTURE of health and care:

Facing up to our challenges

Understanding our needs

Transforming our services

Unjustified differences in our care

Resources for our services

Equity for our people

Make sure you take the opportunity to share your views, experiences and suggestions and help us shape the FUTURE of local health and care together.

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