Sussex and East Surrey one of the best performing in country

Sussex and East Surrey STP is one of the most improved and best performing systems in the country, according to new data.

A comparison of the performance the areas of finance, quality of provider services and urgent care across the system during 2018-19 has shown significant improvement compared to the previous year.

The data shows:

  • Improved financial position more than any other system in the country, with a 2.4% improvement against a national trend of decline.
  • Quality of care for populations has improved across providers, with overall ratings from the Care Quality Commission showing patients are getting better quality of care.
  • Performance in achieving the A&E four-hour target has improved across the system by 1.2%, compared to a national performance that has gone down by 0.3%

Adam Doyle, Senior Responsible Officer for the Sussex and East Surrey Sustainability Transformation Partnership (STP), said: “It is great to see the progress we have made and this is testament to the hard work and commitment of staff and the strong leadership we have across the system.

“We recognise we still have a number of challenges to overcome and that there is a lot of work to do to get us to where we want to be. But we are certainly heading in the right direction and there is a lot of positivity across our system that we can continue to work collaboratively to improve the health and care for our populations.”

You can read the data here