Comments invited about our Reimbursement, Reward and Recognition procedure

We would like your feedback and comments on the draft NHS Sussex Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) Reimbursement, Reward and Recognition Procedure for Public and Patient Involvement.

The draft procedure sets out the guiding principles and practices for how the NHS Sussex CCGs will support patients, public and carers to be involved in their work through reimbursing expenses and, in certain circumstances, offering recognition payments.

It has been created to ensure that there is one universal procedure for the NHS Sussex CCGs.

The procedure has been benchmarked against NHS England’s Reimbursement, Reward and Recognition Policy and other clinical commissioning groups’ practices for involving patients, public and carers.

Please send any comments about the draft procedure by Monday 9 March 2020 to Isabel Costello (Sussex CCGs’ Senior Public Involvement Officer,, 07920244988).