Sussex launch a new programme to increase representation of BAME staff occupying NHS roles at Band 8A and above

A new system-wide programme is launched to improve Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) representation in senior health and care roles and support them with people management practices to sustain these improvements in the long term.

Tanya Brown-Griffith, Programme Director, BAME Disparity Programme, said; “When we had our very first BAME Staff Conference in June this year the system executive leaders made a commitment to those who attended to look into recruitment and retention processes for BAME colleagues.  I am very excited about the way this programme will now also add value to the race inequality agenda in Sussex but more importantly it also responds to the comments and requests from colleagues who attended the first event in June.”

The Programme’s principal objectives will be to:

  • thoroughly scrutinise and revise all the ‘end to end’ recruitment and selection procedures (i.e. including adverts; job descriptions and person specifications; shortlisting and interview processes) to ensure that the widest and most diverse field of talent are attracted and remove any potential for unfairness, bias or discrimination (whether direct or indirect);
  • implement transparent and fair processes for offering more rotational posts; project assignments; secondments; and acting up and shadowing opportunities, all of which are important interventions in the identification and development of diverse talent;
  • establish specific initiatives to assist BAME colleagues in their career progression and create a diverse pipeline of talent for senior roles;
  • ensure comprehensive feedback is always provided to BAME colleagues who are either not shortlisted for senior roles, or who are not successful at final interview.

The programme plans will be finalised after the programme board has been setup and these will be published in system internal communications channels for colleagues to review.