Community webinar on employment and health inequalities

Diversity Research International and the Sussex BAME Disparity Programme Team are hosting a public event. community discussion. This is also called a webinar which is another name for a meeting online. Diversity Resource International are an ethnically diverse local organisation. The Sussex BAME Disparity Response Programme is a part of the Sussex Health and Care Partnership.

We know from the national and local reviews that people who are Black, Asian or from an Ethnic Minority (BAME) are at greater risk from Covid 19. We know there are strong links to health and racial inequality. The second community webinar will help the Health and Social Care Partnership understand how employment impacts on health and racial inequality. Anyone from our ethnically diverse communities across East Sussex, Brighton & Hove City and West Sussex are invited to ask questions of an expert panel. To help us work towards solutions to inequality in Sussex.

The community webinar ‘Fair Access Employment & Promotion Opportunities’ is to hear your experiences, your thoughts and ideas.

  • Have you faced barriers in getting a job and progressing in your field ?
  • What are some of the schemes or initiatives that you feel  can make a real difference to improving skills, experience, and confidence for B.A.M.E. communities?
  • How do experiences in employment or unemployment impact on your wellbeing?
  • What would help you progress in your career?
  • What would help B.A.M.E. businesses and entrepreneurs thrive?

Join us on the 3 December 2020 from 6pm to 8pm, on Zoom. You can join through your internet browser or phone app, tablet or personal laptop computer.

To register in advance for any of the webinars in this series, please visit the DRI website. After registering you will receive a unique zoom link that will allow you to access the webinar. Follow DRI’s social media channels on Twitter, or Facebook for regular updates and information on the upcoming webinars.