Thank you for joining our BAME employment webinar

Sussex Health and Care Partnership and DRI (Diversity International) would like to thank all those who were able to attend the webinar on Thursday 3rd December 2020, which focussed on the disparities in employment opportunities and promotion for people from Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) backgrounds.

The webinar was well attended with over 60 community members participating in the live conversation and hearing from the panellists about their personal employment journeys. We heard from Josh Babarinde OBO about how “flying over the grass” makes things possible, from Mark Patrick about how “being authentic” improves employee appeal and from Ruqia Osman about the disparities in educational attainment.

Please tell us about your experience of employment as someone from a BAME background, through this short survey.

You can read more information about how Sussex Health and Care Partnership is tackling disparities for our BAME communities, and information about all of the public webinars, on our dedicated page.

The next Community webinar hosted by DRI is scheduled for January 13th 2021 18:00 – 20:00 and will focus on accessing mental health services, barriers and solutions, to join please visit or email for more information.