COVID-19 vaccination update, 18 February

New COVID-19 vaccination centre opens in Sussex

Residents in Sussex can now receive their COVID-19 immunisation at a new vaccination centre, boosting the range of vaccination services in the area.

The latest COVID-19 vaccination facility, which is run by Sussex Community NHS Foundation Trust (SCFT), opened today at Westgate Leisure Centre in Chichester. The service is by appointment only and eligible people are being invited to book through the national booking service online and over the phone.

It is the fifth vaccination centre opened by SCFT since the start of the year. The other services are at Crawley Hospital, the Brighton Centre, The Welcome Building in Eastbourne and Etchingham Village Hall, which is run in partnership with local GPs.

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Over 80,000 jabs delivered in Sussex last week

Data published today by NHS England showed that 464,260 vaccinations were delivered in Sussex up to 14 February, with 81,929 delivered in the last week of that period.

81,929 jabs in Sussex last week

The figures show that 102,425 people over the age of 80 in Sussex have received their first dose, along with 165,444 people aged 70-79.

By the end of last week, the NHS in Sussex had offered the vaccine to everyone in the first four priority cohorts, in line with the national target. The NHS remains on track to meet the next national target of offering the vaccine to everyone in the first nine priority cohorts by May. We continue working to ensure that all eligible people across our diverse communities who have not yet received a first dose can access the vaccine.

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Brighton Centre availability on national website

We are aware that today, a technical issue with the national booking website has meant that not all vaccination centres have been visible for booking. This has included the Brighton Centre.

The national booking team are working to resolve this and expect it to be available for booking again shortly. In the meantime, the Brighton Centre continues to be fully operational and is vaccinating all those who are already booked in.

Get your jab if you work in a care home

Sussex GP Dr Daphne Coutroubis explains why it’s so important for care home staff to get their COVID-19 vaccine and answers common queries and concerns.

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Stakeholder briefing

The latest stakeholder briefings for Brighton and Hove, East Sussex and West Sussex are available.

Stakeholder briefings are issued every Tuesday and Thursday to provide an update on the COVID-19 response across the local NHS system, in particular the vaccination programme. They provide the latest information on the number and location of vaccination services in the local area.

More information

Much more information about the vaccination programme is available on our website, including details of the services available in each arealatest datastakeholder briefings, answers to frequently asked questions and links to all the national leaflets and materials.

Thank you for your support in helping to keep our local communities updated and informed about this fast-moving and unprecedented vaccination programme.

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