COVID-19 vaccination update, 23 February

Our new look My Jab campaign

The jab protects us from Covid-19

The My Jab campaign is being rolled out further to encourage vaccine update as we move through the cohorts. Having reached half a million jabs in Sussex it’s really important we keep going to reach the rest of the community.

The ‘new look’ campaign has been tested with patient and stakeholder groups and will now be pushed out across social media, web, in newsletters, across local media, through people’s doors and elsewhere in our communities.

In order to make sure we are targeting communications in the right way we have a survey live at the moment which is testing what people already know about vaccines and what the general sentiment is on having the vaccine in different parts of the patch.

It’s quick to complete and will help give us some valuable insights on the most effective ways to get the right information to people. The survey will be open until midnight on Friday 27 February and the results will help shape our communications over the coming weeks and months. Please help us spread the word and share the link with your groups and networks – we want to hear from as many people as possible. So far we have received 770 responses. It will be repeated in six weeks to check how that sentiment has changed.

In terms of the main campaign we have created a comprehensive toolkit for partners with ready to use assets and assets that can be tailored for specific use. Assets include social media, web imagery, newsletter branded copy and content, fact-checker, leaflet and postcards.

We have a paid-for social media campaign which targets people who wouldn’t normally engage with NHS and partner organisations.

We’re positioning pieces in local media to make sure people know what we’re doing and why and have case studies available, both patients and clinicians, for media to talk to.

In specific areas where we know there is lower uptake we are doing targeted door drops in partnership with local councils to add leaflets to council tax bills, these will be delivered in Crawley and Brighton in the next few weeks.

The communications campaign sits alongside an operational effort to make sure we are identifying barriers to getting vaccinated and putting in place solutions to help people overcome them.

The key part of the campaign is making sure partners and communities have the tools they need to get the message out there and to help people get their jab.

Please follow us on social media and like and share the messaging and use the hashtag #myjab

Supporting our communities

We are continuing to support our local communities, to ensure that they have  up to date information about accessing vaccination and how/when to book.

Our partners are key in ensuring information is cascaded, which includes the voluntary and community sector, Healthwatch and community groups.

Gathering feedback is also important in ensuring that we know what the issues and barrier are to uptake, and to make sure our communication and messages are clear and effective.

If you have had the vaccine, please give us your feedback you can also email us on or phone us on 0800 433 4545

We are committed to making sure everyone in Sussex is supported to access vaccination, and have undertaken a wide range of actions to help achieve this, including:

  • Cascading information in community languages, and ensuring community language interpretation is available at vaccine centres and sites
  • Taking the vaccination direct to people in their communities, for example, through our vaccination bus
  • Talking with groups and communities at their (virtual) meetings to answer questions, dispel myths and give information
  • Making sure our 100+ Vaccination Champions, who reach into local communities and groups, have the latest updates and information in order to answer questions effectively
  • Supporting options for transport for those who have no means to access their vaccination appointment
  • Making sure information is available in alternative formats
  • Linking with leaders in our faith communities and ethnically diverse groups to gather insight and to work with them to ensure we respond to questions, issues and barriers
  • Gathering examples of good practice and research why the experience went so well so that good practice can be shared.

We recognise that more is needed to encourage the take up of the vaccination, and we are committed to listening to our communities and finding solutions to any barriers they may face to getting their vaccination.

Maternity myth-busting

This video has been removed while it is updated to reflect the latest guidance.

Read the latest COVID-19 vaccine advice if you’re pregnant, may get pregnant or are breastfeeding on GOV.UK

More information

Much more information about the vaccination programme is available on our website, including details of the services available in each arealatest datastakeholder briefings, answers to frequently asked questions and links to all the national leaflets and materials.

Thank you for your support in helping to keep our local communities updated and informed about this fast-moving and unprecedented vaccination programme.

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