Shining a light on excellence

This month we shine a light on a GP Clinical Lead who has been working tirelessly during the pandemic.

This example is just one illustration of how, as a system, individuals have gone above and beyond to make a difference.

Dr Marian MessihDuring the pandemic, Dr Marian Messih, GP Clinical Lead at Brighton and Hove Roving GP Service, has been supporting various community settings with her specialism; advance care planning and end of life care in the elderly. The Brighton and Hove Roving GP Service is provided by IC24.

Many people living in care homes and step-down bed facilities have multiple long-term health conditions, and a large majority are affected by physical disability or cognitive impairment. Providing appropriate and responsive care for frail elderly people is a challenge and requires a complex, multi-faceted and personalised approach for each patient.

She said: “Deciding who would benefit from escalation to hospital and who should remain in their usual residence for end of life care can be extremely difficult. Fortunately, experience helps. Sometimes the best thing we can do for patients is to provide them with the comfort and care they need for the last few days of their lives. At times this job can feel more like an art than science.

“This last period has been the most challenging so far – dealing with the normal NHS winter pressures as well as larger COVID outbreaks in care homes. It really has been a juggling act between dedicated patient care, working with my IC24 colleagues, engaging with the wider system, and keeping up to date with rapidly updated guidance.

“I’ve also spent many hours in system-wide care home management meetings involving many partner organisations. These meetings bring the CCG, Public Health, community NHS trusts and local authorities together to discuss COVID outbreaks in care homes across the city. I feel as a frontline clinician I am able to offer a unique and valuable perspective.”

A sincere well done to Marian for going above and beyond to help her local care community during extraordinary times.