Saxonbury House Surgery vaccination service now on the national booking system and ready to book your appointment

After incredible work to roll out the Covid-19 vaccination to people living across the Wealden area so far, the vaccination service at Saxonbury House Surgery is now calling for anyone who is yet to have their jab to come forward.

The service is now available on the national booking system, which means that you can book your appointment at Saxonbury through the booking website or by calling 119.

It is really simple and can be completed in a few minutes – booking both first and second dose appointments.

The team has three sessions running this week with more than 900 appointments available.

Everyone aged 23 and over is now eligible for their vaccine from this morning.

By using the website or calling 119 you will be shown appointments at the right session for you, so that you receive the recommended type of vaccine for you.

If you can’t see any appointments at Saxonbury, please don’t worry, more appointments will be added for more sessions each week as soon as the vaccine delivery is confirmed. The sessions next week are now being confirmed in line with the vaccine supply. Please just try back a little later.

As the weather heats up, the NHS is urging people not to forget about their Covid-19 vaccination. With cases of the Delta variant being seen across the country, it is really important that all adults receive this vital protection, both for you and your community.

Currently second dose appointments for anyone aged 50 and old, those with a long term health condition and carers are taking place at 8 weeks. Anyone younger that 49 will currently have their second appointment at 11-12 weeks. Please make sure you remember your appointment and attend so you can receive the highest level of protection.