The future of health and care in Sussex

The aims and ambitions for health and care across Sussex have been set out following the introduction of the Health and Social Care Bill to Parliament earlier this week.

The Sussex Health and Care Partnership has published Our Journey Together; a document which sets out how health and care is developing across Sussex, its Vision for 2025 and an annual review of the last year.

The Sussex Health and Care Partnership is a collaboration of health and care organisations across Sussex. Its aim is to improve the health of people living in Sussex and ensure organisations are working in the most effective and joined-up way.

This week it has published Our Journey Together, a document which summarises the progress made, the ambitions and plans and the next steps for 2021-22. That document refers to some key plans and documents which support the building of those ambitions.

This includes Sussex 2025: Our vision for a healthier futurethat sets out where the health and care system wants to be in the future. It is a vision where people live for longer in good health; where the gap in healthy life expectancy between people living in the most and least disadvantaged communities will be reduced; where people’s experiences of using services will be better and where staff feel supported and work in a way that makes the most of their dedication, skills and professionalism. It is a vision where the cost of health and care will be affordable and sustainable in the long term.

Over the last few years SHCP has made huge strides in its journey towards this vision. A significant amount of work has taken place behind the day-today frontline delivery of services to focus on developing health and care system that enables our organisations to work in a more joined-up and collaborative way for the benefit of people living in Sussex.

Finally the ICS Annual Report provides an overview of the progress we have made over the last year. This work took place in the context of the addition significant pressures and demands facing across the health and care system.

The published plans help to set out the strategic vision for Sussex Health and Care Partnership as it continues to build on delivering excellent health and social care for people across the whole of Sussex with integration and partnership at its centre.

You can see the full suite of documents in our priorities section.