Michael Tibbs, 99, receives COVID booster vaccine as NHS vaccination rollout continues

Michael Tibbs, 99, receives COVID booster vaccine as NHS vaccination rollout continuesMichael Tibbs made history as the oldest person to receive the Pfizer jab in the UK on 8 December, 2020, and this week in Sussex he received his booster shot in the biggest and most successful rollout in health service history. 

The 99-year-old Second World War submarine lieutenant was applauded after receiving his first jab at Portsmouth’s Queen Alexandra Hospital just after his 99th birthday and this week has received his booster at Midhurst Pharmacy ahead of his 100th.

The service is one of more than 30 across Sussex which are now giving booster vaccinations to eligible patients after the roll out started last week.

People who are more vulnerable to the virus are being invited to top up their protection ahead of winter six months or more after receiving their second jab.

People do not need to contact the NHS but will be invited when it is their turn. Texts and letters are going out to people to invite them to use the national booking system, and local GP vaccination services are contacting people directly.

In December, Michael was looking forward to getting out of the garden and seeing his grandchildren and great grandchildren. Since his vaccinations, he has taken advantage of his freedom and after his booster, is now looking forward to celebrating his 100th birthday in November with his extended family, including his five great-grandchildren.

Michael said:

“I’m grateful to receive the booster vaccination as I was to receive the first. I didn’t notice any side effects. Just a prick, and it’s done! It’s wonderful and I think it’ll make a lot of difference to everybody.”

Michael received his booster at Midhurst Pharmacy, where Raj Rohilla and team have been working hard to vaccinate thousands of people in the West Sussex community since the programme began in December last year.

Raj said:

“It was a real pleasure and an honour to meet Mr Tibbs at our pharmacy. We feel it a real privilege to complete Mr Tibbs’ vaccination journey with his COVID Booster.

“We would like to urge everyone who is invited for their COVID Booster to take up the offer and book with the National Booking System either online or by phoning 119.

“We will also be running regular Drop-in clinics as well.  Please ensure that six months have elapsed between your second COVID vaccination and the Booster.

“We wish Mr Tibbs the very best for his 100th Birthday that’s coming up very soon.”

The NHS in Sussex is urging everyone who is invited to follow in the footsteps of people like Michael by taking up the offer when they are invited.

Eligible individuals will be able to quickly and conveniently book an appointment via www.nhs.uk/covid-vaccination. People that can’t go online can book by phoning 119. Local vaccination services are also contacting people in their local area directly.