Not In A Day’s Work

All parts of the NHS are extremely busy and primary care is no exception. With the lifting of COVID restrictions the NHS is working extremely hard to recover services back to pre-pandemic levels.

Many people who have not sought care during COVID are now looking for care and treatment and, sometimes, with problems which have worsened due to not being attended to during the pandemic.

Primary care staff, like all NHS staff, have worked throughout the pandemic, and we are seeing increasing levels of sickness and people leaving the service leading to less staff in some areas.

Alongside this, patient expectation is extremely high with people expecting a return to a ‘normal service’. In some cases, this is resulting in reported poor behaviours from individual patients to GP practice teams, in particular reception teams.

Campaign materials

We have launched the #NotInADaysWork campaign to support practices and provide clear messaging that abuse of NHS staff will not be tolerated. We are also using this opportunity to explain how primary care is currently working and why.

Please find resources to support your practice below.

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