Feedback and comment welcomed on the draft Constitution for the new NHS Sussex Integrated Care Board

This week, we have launched a process of engagement on our draft Constitution for the new NHS Sussex Integrated Care Board.

We are asking for people to share their views, before the Constitution is formally signed off by the new Board in July.

The draft Constitution sets out the proposed governance arrangements that will be applied to the new Board when established on 1st July 2022 and articulates the fundamental principles underpinning the way in which an organisation should operate. All Integrated Care Boards are required to have a Constitution, which is based on a model provided by NHS England.

The Constitution sets out the authority with which NHS Sussex can act and how it will organise itself to exercise its functions.

NHS Sussex will review its Constitution each year to make sure that it remains appropriate, although amendments can also be made outside this annual review process.

A lot of work and engagement has already taken place across system partners and stakeholders to get the Constitution for NHS Sussex to this stage.

It is now important to provide everyone living in Sussex with an opportunity to comment and provide input on this draft Constitution to ensure that NHS Sussex has the governance and breadth of leadership to meet the needs of our communities and the population we serve, both now and into the future.

All public comments on our draft Constitution will be collated and considered so that a final version of the NHS Sussex Constitution can be formally submitted and agreed by the new Board at its first meeting in July.

Read the draft constitution, a summary of the constitution and have your say and share your feedback.