Sussex Health and Care Plan

The aim of the Sussex Health and Care Partnership is to improve lives, extend lives and save lives by focusing on keeping people healthier for longer and giving our local populations the right care, in the right place at the right time.

The Sussex Health and Care Plan represents our response to the ever-changing local health and care needs of our populations and the national ambitions and expectations set out in the NHS Long Term Plan.

The plan includes commitments to change how our health and care organisations work together, transform patient pathways, address our financial deficit, address our workforce gap and deliver the significant number of initiatives included within the Long Term Plan.

The plan has been developed across our health and care partners over the last nine months with the involvement and input of partners, clinicians, specialists, health and care professionals, staff, and our public. It is a continuation of the work that has already taken place over the last few years to improve and join-up health and care services.

The Sussex Health and Care Plan will be delivered through three local plans across Brighton and Hove, West Sussex and East Sussex. We carried out a significant amount of public engagement to inform and help shape the plans and we have already collated and incorporated a large amount of feedback on the working draft.