Want to make a difference for your community?

Are you part of a diverse ethnic community in Sussex? Do you want to make a difference to your community? Are you interested in health and social care? Would you like to meet new people, learn new skills and get valuable work experience?

We are looking for volunteers to be Community Ambassadors for Diverse Ethnic Communities and help change future NHS and social care services in Sussex.

People from diverse ethnic communities experience some of the biggest health inequalities, even more since the start of the pandemic. It is really important to hear directly from people in those communities so that we can fully understand the challenges communities are facing and work together to create solutions.

Community Ambassadors are part of an exciting new way of helping the Sussex Health and Care Partnership to understand what is important to your community and make sure local health and care services are what your community needs.

We are looking for 10 members of the public from diverse ethnic communities to become Community Ambassadors. The role of a Community Ambassador might include:

  • Engaging with your community, trying to make contact with people to talk to them about health and care services in the area and to find out their views.
  • Doing office-based work, giving advice and support to NHS programmes across Sussex, and helping to make decisions about health and care services.

Community Ambassadors receive expenses and, in some situations, recognition payments are offered.

If you want to find out more, please complete an Application Form below and we will contact you.

The deadline for sending the application to us is 16th August 2021.

You can also find more information here:

Contact us today and sign up to be involved in something great for your community and for yourself:

What is the Sussex Health and Care Partnership?

The Sussex Health and Care Partnership (SHCP) is a group of local authorities, health and care providers and clinical commissioning groups. We are working together to improve health and care for people in Sussex.

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Community Ambassador Activities

We currently have 15 Community Ambassadors across Sussex, and since our volunteers joined in October 2020 they have helped to influence services locally. Community Ambassadors have:

  • Been active participants in eight interview panels for staff within the Sussex NHS Commissioners, providing an independent perspective on the panels;
  • Undertaken research on the views of the BAME communities on the flu vaccine and identified solutions to support the flu vaccination campaign and COVID-19 immunisation programme;
  • Worked in partnership to develop a questionnaire for the pre-consultation engagement for the Cardiology and Ophthalmology Services in East Sussex – over 200 questionnaires were completed by patients;
  • Worked collaboratively to design two questionnaires as part of the engagement with service users and practitioners for the Brighton and Hove Mental Health Accommodation tendering process; and
  • Supported the development of the materials for the pre-consultation engagement for Stroke redesign in West Sussex, including the narrative, Communications and Engagement Plan, Patient Survey Questions.