Working with you to improve mental health services in East Sussex

We want everyone across Sussex to benefit from safe, effective and high quality mental health services whenever they need them.

For the last few years, the NHS in Sussex has taken a co-ordinated approach to investing in mental health services to transform the way people receive treatment, both in our hospitals and in the community.

This Sussex-wide approach includes everyone involved in delivering mental healthcare locally and all organisations such as local authorities and the voluntary sector. This approach supports the long-term ambitions for the future of mental health services set out by the NHS nationally.

The COVID-19 pandemic has made this work even more important because it is likely to generate increasing demand for services over the coming years. This means we must carefully plan how to meet that growing demand while making sure we make the best use of our resources to provide excellent care.

One area that we need to address urgently is the quality of our inpatient mental health services across East Sussex. That is, how we care for people needing to stay in hospital to support their mental health care needs.

While we work hard to make sure our patients receive the right quality of care, we know that we need to make bigger improvements to deliver that care to an even higher standard in the future.

To help achieve this, we have developed proposals to address the challenges we have with some of our hospital buildings in East Sussex. These proposals are the focus of this public consultation.

In developing the proposals, we have spoken directly to people who use our services, their carers and families, Healthwatch East Sussex, the local voluntary and community sector, members of our communities who experience health inequalities – as well as GPs and other health care professionals.

Their feedback helped us refine our proposals so that we are now confident that they give us the best opportunity to meet the challenges we face to provide the best quality care for all our patients, now and for years to come.

We hope you will take the time to join us in this work and help to shape the way we support people with mental health needs across our local communities.

We have set out ways to have your say in the ‘How to get involved’ section below.

How to get involved

You can give your feedback on the consultation in a number of ways:

  • Via an online questionnaire
  • Via a printed questionnaire – simply fill in the questionnaire included in the consultation document and post it using the freepost envelope provided. To request a copy of the document you can email your name and address to or call 0300 304 0330.
  • At online and face-to-face engagement events, the dates and timings of which will be published on this website and shared via community groups, social media and ways. These events will be subject to the latest government guidance on social distancing.
  • Deaf British Sign Language (BSL) users can share their views by using the free SignLive app that connects them to a qualified British Sign Language interpreter. More information about the SignLive service and when it is available.

All the questions are optional, and all information you provide will be processed by ORS in accordance with latest Data Protection legislation. Information will only be used to inform this consultation and any personal information that could identify you will be kept for no more than one year after any decisions have been finalised.

For further information, please see:

Opinion Research Services Ltd. (ORS), an independent organisation,  has been appointed to manage the consultation feedback and questionnaire responses and to objectively  report the outcomes.

ORS will produce a comprehensive independent report of the findings for the NHS East Sussex CCG Governing Body, the Sussex Partnership Board of Directors, and the East Sussex Health Overview and Scrutiny Committee (HOSC) to consider before any decisions are made.

The consultation will close on Monday 6 September 2021.

Further information is available by contacting the consultation team:

  • Email:
  • Dedicated telephone line on 0300 304 0330 (local rates apply)
  • Write to: Opinion Research Services, FREEPOST SS1018, PO Box 530, Swansea SA1 1ZL
Where affected services are based
Current adults and older people's inpatient mental health services in East Sussex

Click image for full size version.

Potential options for a new facilities to be built on a different site
Potential options for a new facilities to be built on a different site

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Frequently asked questions

These are some of the questions we think we need to consider as we develop our proposals.

You will have other questions that we need to addressso please let us know.

  • How do we address the problem of old and out-dated buildings across East Sussex?
  • How can we meet single-sex guidelines while remaining flexible in our approach?
  • What can we do within the financial limitations we have to work under?
  • How do we ensure community and inpatient services work effectively together?
  • How can we work better within the wider healthcare community?
Background documents
  1. Pre-consultation business case
  2. Equality and health inequalities impact assessment
  3. Quality impact assessment
  4. Benefits realisation plan
  5. Transport accessibility analysis
  6. New community mental health services model
  7. Communications and involvement strategy and plan
  8. Early Involvement Programme report of findings