You may find the following sources of information helpful when deciding whether to have the vaccine:

Advice for people who follow the Muslim faith

  • The Mosques and Imams National Advisory Board (MINAB) produced the Friday sermon (khutbah) text for mosques which explains why Muslims should have the vaccine.
  • The British Islamic Medical Association (BIMA) has recommended both the Pfizer BioNTech and Oxford AstraZeneca vaccines for the Muslim and has produced a position statement on both the Pfizer and the Astra-Zeneca vaccines which includes a statement on animal products and recommends the vaccine for Muslim communities.

The British Islamic Medical Association have also produced a ‘Myth buster’ with infographics.

The Muslim Council of Great Britain (MCB) website holds Coronavirus information including: Advice for Mosques and Madrasas, statements of support for the COVID-19 vaccinations, and a ‘myth buster’ with infographics.

Video of GP Dr Amir Khan explaining that the vaccines do not have any animal products in and are suitable for Muslims and Hindus

Your vaccination stories: Asmat Roe, a Brighton and Hove resident, was vaccinated at Brighton Race Course in February. She is retired and remains very active in the local BAME community, One Voice and Faith Groups and Muslim Women’s groups. Asmat was very keen to get the call inviting her to a vaccination appointment, as she knew it would help protect her, her family and everyone else. Read more about Asmat’s visit.

Advice for people who follow the Hindu faith

  • Neasden Temple has produced a video in Gujarati to explain the facts about coronavirus, providing reassurance on the safety and efficacy of the vaccine.

Advice for followers of the Jewish faith

  • The Conference of European Rabbis has released position statements on the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine.

Advice for followers of the Catholic faith

Other helpful information