Child with an LD holding a doll at vaccination centreHello, I am Audrey. I had a COVID-19 jab (vaccination) at Brighton Racecourse. This is what happened.

We got an invitation. It said come and have a vaccination. It’s to keep you safe from an illness called COVID or Coronavirus.



Woman on phone sitting at computer

We phoned to book my jab at the Racecourse in Brighton.
We told them what has helped me to have jabs in the past.
(Note for parents: you can call the Racecourse on 0300 303 8060 to talk about what will help make things go well. If you are not in Brighton & Hove call the vaccine centre on your invitation. They should be ready to help in the same way.)



Child with an LD sat in an armchair

This is me getting ready at home. I have got

  • My water bottle
  • A book
  • Rapunzel – she is my favourite toy!
  • Some hand sanitiser
  • A snack
  • My tablet – it has got my favourite shows and games on it



Child with an LD satin in armchair with sleeve rolled up


To make it easy to have the jab I picked a t-shirt and a cardigan.

I practised at home getting my arm out for the nurse.




Child with an LD with parent at home


Here I am with Mum all ready to go to my appointment.






Child with an LD outside by a car


We went in the car.

(Note for parents: if you need help to get to the Racecourse you can book free transport. Phone 01444 275008 Monday to Friday, 10:00 to 1:00 and 2:00 to 5:00)




Child with an LD outside vax site with parent and volunteer


When we got to the Racecourse,
staff in yellow tops showed us where to go.






Child with an LD being given hand sanitiser by a volunteer


When I got inside they said hello and gave me a squirt of hand sanitiser.






Child with an LD rubbing in hand sanitiser


I rubbed it in.





Child with an LD having temperature taken by volunteer


They took my temperature






Having your jab if you are aged 5-11 years (Easy Read)


We waited on a yellow dot. But not for too long!






Having your jab if you are aged 5-11 years (Easy Read) 1

This is me at the reception desk. The staff asked mum and me some questions.

  • Have you got an appointment?
  • What is your name?
  • What is your birthday?

I knew the answers.


Child with an LD sat on chair with mum and healthcare staff


I got on the chair.

The person doing the jab asked us some more questions.

I had a drink and let mum give the answers this time.



Child with an LD having a vaccination


This is me having my jab.

I was looking at a game on my tablet.

It was very quick. Just a little scratch.



Healthcare staff giving a child with an LD a sticker


The nurse put cotton wool on my arm.

Then I got a sticker.





Child with an LD holding a doll after a vaccination


I felt happy that I got my jab done.

Rapunzel got a sticker too.




Child with an LD sat on a chair reading


I had to rest for 15 minutes after the jab.

I looked at my book. And ate my snack.





Child with an LD leaving vax site with parent


Time to go home.






Child with an LD , parent and volunteer outside vax site


The man in the yellow jacket said goodbye.






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A very big thank you to Audrey and her mother Vicky for sharing their story.

This story was made with the Racecourse Vaccination Centre by Amaze


We hope this story will help children know what to expect when they get their vaccination at the Racecourse or any other vaccination centre. COVID vaccine centres want to help children who are eligible to be vaccinated and might find the process of vaccination tricky, so speak to them about what your child will need.

For more information about COVID vaccination in Sussex contact the Vaccine Enquiries Team at or by calling 0800 433 4545 (lines are open 9am – 4pm, Monday to Friday).