Planned Care and Operations

The demand for all NHS and care services across Sussex has risen significantly due to the higher infection rates of COVID-19 in the community in recent weeks. In some places, we are now seeing triple the number of COVID-19 positive hospital inpatients compared with the first peak back in the spring, and numbers are still increasing.

Staff across the NHS and local authorities are working tirelessly to ensure they continue to provide safe consistent care; hospitals, community teams, mental health services, social care, GP practices and the NHS111 telephone service are incredibly busy, but remain open.

At this time the system is continuing to provide cancer, urgent elective operations and diagnostics, but some routine, planned operations are being delayed in order to respond to the increase in demand. These decisions are never taken lightly and are temporary measures only.

We will continue to ask patients to attend face-to-face services only when it is clinically necessary. Where possible, appointments will continue to be offered using remote services such as a video or phone consultation;If you are in a high-risk group and do not wish to come in, please get in touch with the relevant service via the contact details in your appointment letter.

For all people currently waiting for an appointment or waiting for treatment including surgery, every case has been reviewed in line with national guidance, so that people can be seen in order of clinical priority.

The NHS is working with the independent sector so that we can try to offer as many appointments as possible and so some patients may be offered an appointment or treatment at one of our NHS partners.

No patient has been forgotten and the teams are working hard to provide the help and support that people need.


We are very sorry, but due to the current unprecedented situation with an increase in cases of COVID-19 across Sussex, changes are being made to maternity services to ensure that all births can take place as safely as possible. Please read our latest update on maternity services.

If you are having a baby, information is available on your local hospital’s website.

Please select the hospital trust where you are receiving your maternity care:

Please note there are visiting restrictions still in place in all Sussex hospitals for Maternity.

Visiting information

For information on how to access hospital sites, whether you can have people with you for appointments and visiting information, please see the hospital’s website: