Information about testing from West Sussex County Council is available in a range of languages.

Lock down rules

Your experience

We want to hear about your experiences of living through Covid-19. Your stories will help shape how we work together to help you to stay safe in the short term and address health inequalities in the longer term.

Information about Coronavirus / COVID-19

Government updates

The Government released translated guidance for self-isolation, shielding vulnerable people, and for households with a possible coronavirus case. The links are below:

Public Health England has published a migrant health guide on NHS entitlements available in multiple languages.

Public Health England have a COVID-19 resource site where translated information and resources such as posters are available.

World Health Organisation guidance

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has issued guidance in a number of languages:

Using an oximeter

The Sussex Health and Care Partnership have produced an animation to support people with using an oximeter, in British Sign Language and over ten languages. An oximeter is a small device that measures someone’s pulse and the percentage of oxygen in their blood.

(Select the button with three lines and an arrow to select a different language from the menu).

Local authorities in Sussex

Hindi and Nepali factsheets

The Department of Primary Care and Public Health, Brighton and Sussex Medical School has produced COVID-19 factsheets which have been co-produced by ethnic minority community groups in Kent, Surrey and Sussex.

Services during the pandemic

The Sussex ‘Right Care Right Time’ leaflet provides information about accessing NHS services during COVID-19.