Update 2 February 2021

We are pleased to say that a COVID-19 vaccination clinic took place in Seaford for our patients who are aged 80 and over last week. The clinics ran on Saturday 30th January at both the Seaford Health Centre on Dane Road and the Old School Surgery on Church Street.

Appointments were for patients who are aged 80 and over, who had not yet had or yet booked a COVID-19 vaccination, as we work to provide this vaccination for the first priority group initially.

This was a pilot clinic and we will be continuing to work with our South Downs Health and Care GP Federation to provide the COVID-19 vaccination for our patients as we start to invite the next priority groups for their vaccination.

The South Downs Health and Care GP Federation vaccination service is now based at the Sovereign Centre in Eastbourne (the service was originally located at Hampden Park). This is the main vaccination service for Seaford patients.

Following vaccinations in Eastbourne and our clinic on Saturday 30th January, the majority of our patients aged 80 or over in Seaford have now been offered the vaccination, which is really positive for our patients and our whole community.

We are aware that local residents in the eligible groups have started to receive letters from the national booking service. This invites you to go online or call the national service to book an appointment at one of the larger vaccination centres (the Welcome Building in Compton Street, Eastbourne is one) or at a pharmacy-led service.

You cannot book at your GP-led service this way. You can either book via the national service to a larger vaccination centre or pharmacy-led service, or wait and your GP-led team will contact you as soon as an appointment is available for you.