Plexus Care Record

Plexus Care Record connects health and care records for practitioners in Sussex, providing them with the right information at the right time. 

By connecting systems across GPs, hospital and community healthcare services as well as Local Authorities, Plexus allows practitioners to securely access and update relevant information as part of the shared health and care record anywhere anytime. 

Why is this so important? 

For practitioners sharing data is essential to enable them to provide the best possible care to patients and service users but it also helps working more efficiently across all of health and social care in Sussex.  This will always take place on or in a safe environment to ensure that people who access the data have a legitimate reason to do this. 

For patients it means they don’t have to repeat their sometimes complex medical history over and over.    

It is important to know that patients/service users have a choice and can opt out at any time (click on the Privacy Notice and National Data opt-out in the blue boxes) but the benefits of their data beings used to transform services means their information can be part of something that will have a direct effect on their health and care.  

Plexus as part of the digital system in Sussex 

Plexus is an important part of the Our Care Connected Programme, which is part of the Sussex Health and Care Partnership Digital Programme. 

Plexus works with partners across Sussex, which include Brighton and Sussex University Hospital Trust, East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust, Sussex Community Foundation Trust, Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, Western Sussex Hospitals Foundation Trust and Queen Victoria Hospital.