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The Sussex Our Care Connected programme ambition is to deliver a single health and care record for each person living in Sussex.  Our Care Connected is part of a whole raft of Digital Transformation projects that are working towards bringing all of the technology together to provide better health and care services for the population of Sussex.

This means that every time you see a health or social care practitioner in Sussex they will have access to the right information they need to care for you.  No repetition of the same story to every clinician you see.

Our Care Connected will ensure that the right information flows along care pathways joining up different providers when they take the lead in delivering care for a particular person and reason.  This will be known to practitioners as Direct Care.

Everyone in Sussex has their own personalised care record which will allow them to see their own health and social care information and communicate with the people caring for them. It will also contain a diary of appointments, letters sent from care providers, as well as care plans and personally tailored information to help people with long term conditions to take the lead in managing their own care.

Supporting this work is the Sussex Integrated Dataset, which uses depersonalised data to help us understand our population and those at greatest risk of poor health, design and run better services, and measure and improve our performance as an integrated health and care system.

Our Care Connected is supported by the NHS shared record programme and will soon be integrated with the NHS App, which allows you access to all of your NHS digital services through a single portal.