The Sussex Health and Care Partnership are developing a store of information to support our work in developing health and care services in Sussex and create a system which is more joined up. This contains health and social care information from providers all over Sussex and is called the Sussex Integrated Dataset, or “SID”.

In order to do this, we will be asking people in Sussex what data they think we should collect and how we should use it.This will be a wide-reaching programme of engagement to make sure we get the thoughts and views from as many people as possible and to ensure they have a good understanding of how their data is being accessed and used in Sussex.

The SID contains no personally identifiable data such as names, dates of birth or addresses. All the data from these providers is thoroughly anonymised, using secure software to anonymise data in the SID, so it is impossible to identify any individual from the SID. We are developing the SID under strict data controls and in line with the expectations of data protection law. The ICO Code of Conduct on Anonymisation provides further guidance on managing anonymised data.

Please look out for more information about our public engagement events coming soon.