Our ambition for Digital across Sussex Health and Care Partnership 


We know that digital plays an important part of many people’s everyday lives and with this critical role its opportunities and challenges have become even clearer during the pandemic. Many of us have been using video & apps to keep connected to friends and loved ones, for work, entertainment and as a lifeline for essentials like shopping and connecting with those who care for us. 

In Sussex our ambition is to keep improving our digital health and care services, giving you and those who care for you the tools, information and services you all need;  

  • From making sure there are digital ways for you to see or connect with the people involved in your care;  
  • to ensuring you each have the information you need to help you stay healthy or manage your conditions or treatment using tools like a personal health record
  • through to using data to help us all understand and learn how to make our services the best they can be for all our population.  

We recognise there are amazing opportunities using technology and data to design with you a better way of supporting each other; but there are also key challenges, to make sure we respect your privacy and help reduce inequality not make it worse 

Our ambition is to seize these opportunities with you to safely and equitably redesign our health and careopening up the best in digital for those who most need its support. 

We are doing this by 

  • Supporting all our partner organisations to improve their technology and supporting the staff who support you across Sussex. 
  • Supporting you with the technology and digital services you need 
  • Connecting up information across our health and care services, so the service and support you receive is as connected as you should expect 
  • Joining up data to help understand the evidence, learning and plan our services to make them as good as they can be for our population 

Please click on the boxes to see some of the work we are doing in key projects.


Our Care Connected (OCC)

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My Health and Care Record

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Plexus Care Record

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Sussex Integrated Dataset

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