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Trans-Atlantic study looks to Brighton & Hove for lessons from pandemic

14th June 2022

Health and care partners in Brighton and Hove are to be part of a new Trans-Atlantic research project to find important lessons from the pandemic to help reduce inequality.

The Institute of Development Studies research project aims to identify the innovations and collaborations that have emerged in response to COVID-19 and analyse their effects on pre-existing and pandemic inequities.

NHS Sussex (which launches on 1 July) and Brighton & Hove City Council are joining global partners to understand how their experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic can help to better support

Developing a new health and care system in Sussex

We are developing a system across Sussex that aims to ensure better health and care for all now and in the future.

Our health and care organisations have been working in partnership as part of an Integrated Care System (ICS) since 2020; a way of working that has encouraged greater collaboration, integration and joined-up thinking.