Opinion and insight from people at the heart of our partnership:

  • View from the Leadership: A message from Bob Alexander 30 November 2020 - Bob Alexander is the Independent Chair of the Sussex Health and Care Partnership The paper on the future of Integrated Care Systems (ICSs) that was discussed at the recent NHS England and Improvement board meeting has significant implications for all systems across the country. After much discussion over the last few years on the development […]
  • Joe Chadwick Bell: View from the Leadership 30 November 2020 - Joe Chadwick Bell is the Chief Executive of East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust I became the Chief Executive of East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust in September 2020, during one of the most challenging periods in NHS history. Having been Chief Operating Officer at the Trust since 2016 and having led the Trust’s response to the […]
  • November is inspired and energised by Black History Month – Tanya Brown-Griffith 27 November 2020 - October was the annual Black History Month, the challenge this year was “Dig deeper, look closer, think bigger”. I know many of you managed to look at one of our videos, or dug into more of the big events our team coordinated across Sussex. If you have missed any of the events or videos we […]
  • Allison Cannon: COVID put care homes centre stage – our partnership is keeping them there 22 October 2020 - Allison Cannon is Chief Nursing Officer for the Sussex NHS Commissioners What began as a necessary response to the challenges faced by care homes during the first wave of COVID has created a foundation to truly transform how homes can be supported at the heart of our health and care system. As the country grappled […]
  • Sam Allen: Housing as a cornerstone for positive mental health 22 October 2020 - Sam Allen is Chief Executive of Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust Housing is nothing to do with healthcare. I couldn’t disagree more with this statement. And I’m excited that we’re arriving at a more enlightened view – and a plan of action – about how we can work better together across our health and care […]
  • Tanya Brown-Griffith: View from the BAME Disparity Response Programme 9 October 2020 - Tanya Brown-Griffith is the Programme Director for the Sussex BAME Disparity Response Programme My first few weeks as Programme Director for the Sussex Black Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) Disparity Response Programme has certainly given a new meaning to the phrase “hitting the ground running”.  I inducted a new Team, started drafting a plan to […]
  • Adam Doyle: View from the Leadership 16 September 2020 - Adam Doyle is Chief Executive Officer of the Sussex Clinical Commissioning Groups and ICS Leader Within the much discussed Phase 3 letter outlining the next stage of the NHS response to Covid-19, it is the final sentence that really brings home the significance of the situation that we are currently facing across the Sussex system. […]